EFCA Credentialing

The purpose of a ministerial credential is to:

  • affirm God’s call upon a person’s life
  • verify that this person meets the qualifications and standards for ministry in the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • approve this person for ministerial service under the auspices of the EFCA
  • provide legal status in the exercise of that person’s ministry

There are four types of EFCA Credentials:

  1. Ministry License
    1. Expedited
    2. Five Year Non-Renewable
    3. Five Year Renewable
  2. Certificate of Christian Ministry
  3. Certificate of Ordination
  4. Transfer of Ordination


Getting Started

To begin the process in our district, please contact Brian Wright at

Already Ordained?

If you are already ordained with another church or denomination, please contact Brian Wright to see if you might qualify for a Transfer of Ordination. This may allow you to bypass a number of the requirements as well as the three year license.