Reconciliation Ministries

Helping NPD churches to be healthy by understanding and living out peacemaking principles.
The Reconciliation Team is lead by Steve Austvold, Paul Backstrom and Steve Dockter in this ministry.
1. Peacemaker’s Church Leadership Kit.  The NPD Office purchased the Peacemaking Church Leadership Kit.  This is available free of charge to local churches.  Contact the NPD office for this resource.
2. The NPD reconciliation team can present one hour and three hour teaching seminars on Peacemaking for the local church.  Please contact Steve Austvold for further information.  Further resources are available for the local church from Peacemakers. 
3. Conflict Coaching Training is now available as an online course.  This is the first level course to take with Peacemakers.  For any individuals or church leaders who are interested in peacemaking, this would be an excellent beginning course to take.  For further information go to  to read about the course or to enroll. 
4. Please call (701-223-3007) or email the NPD office to get the NPD Reconciliation team policy.
5. Churches in conflict should contact the NPD office and talk first with Supt. Daryl Thompson.